Out of Sync with Nsync

Out of Sync with Nsync

Remember these guys?

Yeah, me too.  My Nsync-related memories are vast.  Like, scarily vast.  There were probably two to three years there where Justin, JC, Chris, Joey, and Lance were all I talked about and thought about.  I blame my friends (Hi, Kelsey and Allison!) for getting me started in the fad.  I still VERY vividly remember standing in the hot lunch line with the two of them and listening to them discuss Nsync’s latest album when I realized I either had to get on board with this fad or check myself out of society completely.

Obvs, I jumped on the bandwagon.

As a Junior High girl, jumping on the bandwagon consists of any (or all) of the following actions:

Purchasing (or begging your parents to buy) every possible Nsync memorabilia item– yes, I do, in fact, own an Nsync puzzle, an Nsync sticker book, a larger-than-life Nsync button to pin on any shirt (it goes with everything!), every magazine Nsync was ever on the cover of, Nsync pens, and two Nsync biography books.

Memorizing all of the lyrics to every song ever sung by Nsync– I know you’re impressed that I could memorize the the complicated lyrics of a song like “Bringin’ da Noise” (“Say come on, come on let’s raise the roof and give ‘em proof that we can get loose y’all”) <– you’re just going to have to take my word for the fact that I did not have to look those up. What a classic.

Watch every TV appearance and acquire every video featuring Nsync– let’s just say that the day Nsync co-hosted Live with Regis remains one of my favorite hours of television ever.  And taping it was not an easy task.  Remember that this was still during the days of the VCR.  Taping took dedication.

Attend Nsync concerts– I’m sure my dad will never forget the experience he had surrounded by thousands of screaming teenage girls at the Nsync No Strings Attached Concert Tour when he and my friend Allison’s dad took the two of us to see our boys.  Might I just add that this concert occurred on the very same day that I got my braces off.  So, I was pretty much living the teenage dream (sorry, Katy Perry, you may have to alter your song lyrics.  I’m fairly certain being brace-less and only two balconies away from Nsync trumps first loves and skin-tight jeans)

Learn the Nsync’s dances– Many hours months of my life were spent rewinding the videos of Nsync’s dance performances to try to learn the moves to classics like “Bye Bye Bye” (was that three fist pumps in a row or is the last one more of punch!?) and “It’s Gonna Be Me.”  The latter being the ultimate accomplishment.  Aforementioned friend, Allison, and I put to memory the entire dance routine to “It’s Gonna Be Me,” then taught it to three of our guy friends, and enlisted ourselves in the school lip sync contest where we performed this gem.  We also won.  Not that I’m bragging.  But, I totally am.  We later used this same dance to win a contest through the local radio station and secure two tickets to Nsync’s Celebrity Concert Tour.

Obsessed is probably a good word to use when explaining my Nsync days.

Anyways, all of this goes to say.  I learned a thing I never knew today.

ThINK #50: I only remember about 47% of Nsync’s “It’s Gonna Be Me” dance.

As I was listening to my Nsync pandora station today (yes, the love for those boys has never waned), “It’s Gonna Be Me” came on.  Obviously, I was inspired to dance (don’t even TRY and pretend that you don’t dance when you’re home alone.  And if you really don’t, you ought to start.  It’s a workout and it’s liberating).  Anyways, there were parts of the dance that I just could not remember.  I am SO sad.  Looks like I’ll have to bust out those old VHS tapes soon.  This I Promise You, Nsync, I will figure those moves out again soon so we can dance together!

In the meantime, I should maybe leave my junior high days behind and actually work on this thing called a thesis which I’m supposed to be writing. Whoops.  Bye Bye Bye, friends!

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